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Please use these tools with caution, data loss can happen. Use help if necessary.
Some of these commands are still untested. Working on it...




( | out-gridview is optional )


Command Description
get-command * | out-gridview list all powershell commands/aliases
get-process | out-gridview shows all processes
stop-process -name [appname] stop application/process by name
stop-process -id [appid] stop application/process by id
calc start calculator
cd c:\users\[username]\desktop change current directory to users desktop
dir -name list current directory files and forlders
chkdsk c: checks disk drive c for errors !use with caution - read help before start!
get-wmiobject win32_process | sort-object -property ws -descending | select-object processid,name,ws | out-gridview list running processes
control control panel
get-service | out-gridview shows all services
powershell_ise start ps_ise utility - use it to learn powershell
taskmgr start task-manager gui
whoami shows hostname and current username
winver shows build details about windows
get-childitem -path *.txt -recurse list all txt-files (textfiles) from current directory and all subfolders
firewall open windows firewall gui
get-date shows date and time
get-disk | out-gridview shows available disks
get-netadapter | out-gridview shows available net interfaces
get-netipinterface | out-gridview shows connections
get-ciminstance win32_computersystem show information about host system.






Msc File Console Description
azman.msc Authorization Manager Manage Authorization Stores.
certlm.msc Certificates Local Computer Loads the list of certificates of the local computer.
certmgr.msc Certificates Loads the list of certificates of the user.
comexp.msc Component Services Loads Component Services, Event Viewer, and Services.
compmgmt.msc Computer Management Includes System Tools (Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Shared Folders, Local Users and Groups, Performance and Device Manager), Storage (Disk Management), and Services and Applications (Services and WMI Control).
devmgmt.msc Device Manager Opens the Device Manager to manage hardware and devices.
diskmgmt.msc Disk Management Opens Disk Management to administrate connected storage devices.
eventvwr.msc Event Viewer Opens the Event Viewer which displays operating system, software, and hardware events.
fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders Loads the list of shared folders, sessions, and open files.
gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor Loads the Group Policy Editor to manage system policies.
lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups Interface to manage local users and user groups.
perfmon.msc Performance Monitor Loads the Windows Performance Monitor.
printmanagement.msc Print Management Manage printers.
rsop.msc Resultant Set of Policies List policies, full results only available through command line tool gpresult.
secpol.msc Local Security Policy Loads policies such as account policies, public key policies, or advanced audit policy configuration.
services.msc Services Manager Loads the list of installed services to manage them.
taskschd.msc Task Scheduler Loads the Task Scheduler to manage tasks.
tpm.msc Trusted Platform Module Management Manage the TPM on the local device.
wf.msc Windows Firewall Starts Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
wmimgmt.msc WMI Management Configure and Control the Windows Management Instrumentation Service.






Msc File Console
adfs.msc Active Directory Federation Services.
AdRmsAdmin.msc Active Directory Rights Management Services.
adsiedit.msc ADSI Edit.
certim.msc Local Computer Certificates.
certsrv.msc Certification Authority.
certtmpl.msc Certification Templates.
ciadv.msc Indexing Service.
cluadmin.msc Failover Cluster Manager.
da6to4.msc Network Interfaces Performance Monitor.
daihttps.msc HTTPS Traffic Performance Monitor.
daipsecdos.msc IPSec Performance Monitor.
daisatapmsc ISATAP Performance Monitor.
dfsmgmt.msc DFS Management.
dhcpmgmt.msc DHCP Management.
dnsmgmt.msc DNS Manager.
domain.msc Active Directory Domains and Trust.
dsa.msc Active Directory Users and Computers.
dssite.msc Active Directory Sites and Services.
fsrm.msc File Server Resource Manager.
fxsadmin.msc Microsoft Fax Service Manager.
gpmc.msc Group Policy Management.
gpme.msc Group Policy Mangement Editor.
gptedit.msc Group Policy Starter GPO Editor.
hcscfg.msc Health Registration Authority.
idmumgmt.msc Microsoft Identity Management for Unix.
iis.msc Internet Information Services Manager.
iis6.msc Internet Information Services Manager 6.0.
lsdiag.msc RD Licensing Diagnoser.
napclcfg.msc NAP Client Configuration.
mfsmgmt.msc Services for Network File System.
nps.msc Network Policy Server.
ocsp.msc Online Responder.
pkiview.msc Enterprise PKI.
remoteprograms.msc RemoteApp Manager.
rrasmgmt.msc Routing and Remote Access.
sanmmc.msc Storage Manager for SANs.
sbmgr.msc Remote Desktop Connection Manager.
scanmanagement.msc Scan Management.
servermanager.msc Server Manager.
storagemgmt.msc Share and Storage Management.
storexpl.msc Storage Explorer.
tapimgmt.msc Telephony.
tsadmin.msc Remote Desktop Services Manager.
tsconfig.msc Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
tsgateway.msc RD Gateway Manager.
tsmmc.msc Remote Desktops.
virtmgmt.msc Hyper-V Manager.
wbadmin.msc Windows Server Backup.
Wdsmgmt-msc Windows Deployment Services.
winsmgmt.msc WINS.
wbiadmin.msc Windows Server Backup.
wsrm.msc Windows System Resource Manager.
wsus.msc Update Services.






Type Description
ping Test network host communication.
netstat Test network communication.
arp Map IP adresses to MAC addresses.
nbtstat Diagnose domain.
hostname Display hostname.
tracert Test network hosts communication.
ipconfig /all Display host and network information.
nslookup Diagnose DNS.
route View routing tables.
pathping Test and ping hosts.






Type Description
diskpart (Works only CMD) manage hard-drives.
pnputil Manage drivers.
icacls manage permissions
bcdedit boot configuration data editor.
slmgr -rearm renew windows lisence.
driverquery view installed drivers.


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