Welcome traveller to the official Holohedral homepage. Holohedral is a group of gifted members, that can survive in techno parties and funkgigs as easily as doing some serious artwork.

The nature

The technology

In these pictures here are presented the three elements in Holohedral's music... Of cource as in any music, some of the elements are unseen, and are just to the listeners ears...

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The street culture

HOLOHEDRAL: FREEZE (Karelia Records)

Holohedral's Freeze-album is a multidimensional underground-texture. It combines open-mindedly and creatively different electronic music genres: breaks, hiphop, experimental electro, psychedelic trance and drum'n bass. "Turbo-supercarged hour of tearing beats and groovy melodies leads to a carneval of limbs - in kitchen as well as in moonlight." -Hanuri Syväkyykky

  1. Intro [FULL TRACK] [208KB]
  2. Spin Around [474KB]
  3. Let's Rock Y'all [FULL TRACK] [2131KB]
  4. Dope [466KB]
  5. One For The Show [467KB]
  6. African Jungle [FULL TRACK] [2204KB]
  7. Gotcha [FULL TRACK] [2918KB]
  8. Lion Dance [474KB]
  9. Under The Loft [462KB]
  10. Pusa Hispida [FULL TRACK] [2537KB]
  11. No Status [448KB]

Most of the songs are partial of the final release. The specs are: MP3, 64kbit, Mono.

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